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Hummer H1

You won't find anything like the Hummer H1 on roads or off them. These massive 4-wheel drive utility vehicles have graduated from their beginnings in military service to being the most rugged off-road option on the market. If you're fortunate enough to own a Hummer H1, Benzin Motor Works is the only repair shop you need to know. 

Our on-staff technicians have earned years of expertise specifically working with Hummer H1s. We're able to quickly diagnose problems and get you back to climbing mountains and traversing rivers. 

Whatever issues you encounter with your Hummer H1, we have the knowledge and specialized equipment to fix it. 

Here are some of the most common repairs we see:

General Maintenance

While the Hummer H1 is capable of taking a pounding in the field, it also requires regular maintenance, like any vehicle, to keep going. It's important to follow your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule in order to fix routine problems on time and spot potential problems before they escalate. 

Benzin Motor Works efficiently performs regular tune-ups and preventative maintenance. Give us a call to schedule yours today. 

Cooling Systems

Without a working cooling system, your engine can overheat. Your Hummer H1's engine works hard to propel its large frame. Ensure your cooling system is in top shape by having it checked regularly and repaired immediately at the first signs of trouble. 

Leaks in hoses, clogs, and other issues with the fan system, or radiator need immediate attention. Bring your Hummer H1 to Benzin Motor Works for expert repairs and preventative maintenance. 

Oil Leaks

If you notice significant oil leaking for your Hummer H1, there are multiple possible culprits. The hub seal or cooling loop are just two of many possibilities.

To pinpoint the exact problem, bring your Hummer H1 to the experts at Benzin Motor Works. We have the expertise needed to diagnose even the most mysterious leaks and issues. 

Power Steering

Your eight-thousand pound Hummer H1 becomes nearly impossible to steer when the power steering goes out. Unfortunately, due to issues with hoses and the power steering pump this can suddenly become a reality for you. 

Regular maintenance helps to spot these issues before they cause your power steering to go out completely. Our expert technicians will make necessary repairs and help avoid worst case scenarios. 

Tires & Wheels

As primarily an off-road vehicle, the Hummer H1 is designed and built with components that excel on rough terrain. That starts with your Hummer's tires and wheels. At Benzin Motor Works, we'll recommend the right tires for your needs and ensure they don't slip off the rim, no matter where you drive. 

For tires, lug nuts, wheel balancers, beadlocks and more, give us a call. 

Transmission Repairs

When your Hummer H1 has transmission issues, our expert technicians will diagnose the problem and have you back on the road in no time. With regular tune ups, we can often diagnose and fix a problem before it causes a break down. 

For automatic transmissions repairs, rebuilds, filter and fluid service, cv joints, u-joints and more, trust your Hummer H1 to technicians with years of experience at Benzin Motor Works.