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Improve Fuel Efficiency With These Maintenance Tips

Posted by: Brookside Admin

It's usually not a good idea to scrimp on maintaining your vehicle. Putting off important maintenance and repairs can lead to serious issues. One place you can save money, however, is on gas. By taking the proper precautions, you can improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency and fill up at the pump less each year. Here are a few tips for better gas mileage. 

Keep tires properly inflated

Your tires impact a lot about your car's performance. Yoru brakes, steering and the ride of your vehicle all rely on your tires. Also, how efficient your car is can be partially determined by the shape of your tires. It's a good idea to check your tire pressure about once per month. And, you should make a point to check pressure any time there's a dramatic change in temperature. Keeping them inflated properly, to the standards of your owner's manual, will allow your car to run more efficiently, which can improve mileage by more than 3 percent. 

Choose the correct motor oil

You may not think of motor oil when trying to find ways to improve fuel efficiency, but using the wrong grade of oil likely costs you in mileage. Be sure to consult your owner's manual and use what's recommended. Most of us would do this anyway to provide our engine the oil needed to keep it running smoothly, but it's nice to know you'll also see a 1 to 2 percent bump in gas mileage. 

Keep air filters clean

You'll probably notice a significant difference in your car's performance as the air filters become more and more clogged with dirt and debris. Without proper air flow, you'll find acceleration slower, and you'll get worse gas mileage. Depending on your car's manufacturer, you likely need to change your filters every 30 thousand to 50 thousand miles. 

Perform regular maintenance

Above are all small ways to see a boost in fuel efficiency, but for big, noticeable differences, you'll need to perform repairs on replace failing components. For example, replacing a faulty oxygen sensor could take a vehicle from 12 miles per gallon, to nearly 18 mpg. That turns into big savings at the pump, which means your repairs will pay for themselves over time. Don't skip regularly scheduled maintenance and regular tune ups and you'll enjoy great fuel efficiency for the life of your vehicle. 

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