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Is It Time To Give Up On Your Older Vehicle?

Posted by: Brookside Admin

Those of us who love the vehicles we drive eventually reach a point where we're forced to make a brutal decision. You may suffer a breakdown or be in need of other costly repairs and that makes you consider whether making those repairs is really worth it. Every vehicle eventually reaches the point of diminishing returns, when throwing in the towel actually makes more sense than try to fix the developing issues. When you've driven the same car for years, however, what makes sense financially doesn't always make sense emotionally. Here is some help for determining when it's time to give up on your ride. Let's break it down by distinguishing between the more cosmetic body repairs, and mechanical maintenance. 

Body repairs

The decision to fix cosmetic issues, like the paint, on your car is similar to a decision made on your house. For example, if your foundation was failing, you probably wouldn't invest in painting your house. If your car has major mechanical issues, you're probably going to prioritize those over making any repairs or upgrades to the body. And, those mechanical issues may be the reason that sinking money into body repairs doesn't make any sense because you're going to get rid of the vehicle anyway. So, before making any cosmetic repairs, consider your car's current, and foreseeable future, mechanical health. If your vehicle runs, but is showing signs of breaking down already, investing in a new paint job, or fixing dents may not be worth it in the long run. If you determine it's mechanically sound, you'll next want to consider what kind of body repairs your car needs. Touching up the paint and fixing a few dents are reasonable, whereas repairing rust, especially when it's making holes in the car's body, can be a big investment. Body repairs alone likely won't convince you to get rid of a vehicle you love, but by considering the type of work that needs to be done, and the mechanical health of the vehicle, you can prioritize the repairs that are a good investment, and those that are a waste. 

Mechanical repairs

The look of your vehicle actually plays a role in determining when to make mechanical repairs, as well. If an older vehicle has been well cared for, and the exterior still looks like new, you're probably more willing to pay for any mechanical repairs that are necessary to keep it running. However, if your car is rusting, or paint is chipped and faded, you may not want to spend money on repairs. Even if you keep it running, it will still look like it's on its last legs. So, use the body condition to determine both how interested you are in holding on to the vehicle, and the condition it will be in after making repairs. When gauging the condition of the vehicle, you can also use the price tag for the repairs, and the likely value of the vehicle. For example, if repairs cost $2000, and the vehicle after repairs will be worth $4000, it's probably worth making that investment. A new vehicle will cost you much more, and after making the repairs, you'll have the trusty car you've enjoyed driving for years. However, if repair costs are higher than the value of the vehicle, or the repairs won't restore value, or one repair seems to lead to more repairs, it might be time to say goodbye. 

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